Effortless measurements

Work better, not harder. Focus on the patient while advanced computer vision algorithms work for you.

  • Rated easy or very easy to use by nurses during an extended pilot with real patients.

Keep your distance

Monitor patients wherever they are. Remote monitoring solutions improve staff safety while increasing patient reach.

  • Only the camera needs to be physically close to the patient.

Accurate measurements

Vitacam measures Respiratory Rate within 3 breaths per minute and Heart Rate within 5 beats per minute.

  • Validated against gold standard references.

Respiratory rate and pulse measurements at a glance

Vitacam offers a contactless solution for observing vital parameters in situations where they often go unmeasured.

Using computer vision algorithms and regular digital cameras, Vitacam measures the patient’s vital parameters from a live camera feed or a video clip. Produce accurate and continuous measurements without expensive hardware investments with our transformable software solution.

Why Vitacam

respiratory rate measurements

Respiratory rate is a strong predictor of adverse events yet often goes unmeasured. Vitacam eliminates human error often seen in RR observations.

Heart rate measurements

More data, better outcomes. An elevated heart rate can indicate an infection or a response to medication.


Continuous measurements from a live stream or periodic measurements from self-recorded video clips keep you up-to-date on patient condition.

Easy to use

Automatic patient detection and other intuitive features make using Vitacam effortless.

No specialized hardware

Vitacam can operate on commercially available servers and is clinically validated on a Logitech Brio.

new opportunities in telemedicine

Measurements can be gathered using regular webcameras and smartphone cameras and sent to a cloud for processing.

co-creation with clinicians

Developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to ensure real-life benefits.

Regulatory compliance

Vitacam is a CE-certified class IIa medical device and its Quality Management System is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Breathlessness in numbers

Respiratory rate is an early indicator of many serious adverse events yet often goes unmeasured. Vitacam provides you up-to-date RR results on demand.

Emergency attendances

Breathlessness features in a fifth of all emergency attendances.

of results inaccurate

Of all measured respiratory rate results, only 36% are accurate.

Of adult population affected

One in twenty adults suffer from breathlessness in their daily life.

When warning signs go unnoticed

Vital signs play an important role in identifying patients that are at risk of clinical deterioration. While upcoming deterioration can often be accurately predicted by changes such as elevated heart rate, respiratory rate or decreased oxygen saturation in the blood, the warning signs often go unnoticed and are only detected once the patient’s condition has visibly decreased. This is partly caused by inadequate recording of vital signs.

Respiratory rate in particular can be inadequately measured and recorded. Manually counting breaths over a minute can be subject to human error due to interruptions and the patient being overly conscious of their own breathing while it’s being counted. Standard ECG equipment intended to track heart rate is not always suitable, especially outside Critical Care units, while pulse oximeters also have limitations.

Gathering observations of vital signs is a routine task for nurses, but high workloads and limitations to equipment cause this sometimes-vital information to go unnoticed.

While early detection in Emergency triage is one key clinical context for the problem, similar circumstances can be seen in general and paediatric wards, different care facilities and remote care.

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