NE Device SW and Sehat Kahani Announce Their Partnership to Pilot Vitacam Vital Signs Measurements in Sehat Kahani E-Clinics.

NE Device SW, an innovative medical device manufacturer of software measuring vital signs from video, and Sehat Kahani, the leading digital health provider in Pakistan with a multi-population approach, today announced the agreement to pilot and deploy Vitacam to bring contactless measurements to under-served communities.

Sehat Kahani uses telemedicine to connect a network of doctors and specialists to people in need using a state-of-the-art mobile application catering not only to consumer and corporate markets but also to the hardest-to-reach and most vulnerable communities supported by frontline nurses. Vitacam is an innovative software as, a medical device that enables patients coming to Sehat Kahani’s clinics to get their respiratory rate and heart rate measured through a smartphone-recorded video without any additional equipment besides a smartphone. Respiratory rate is usually the first vital sign to alter in a deteriorating patient. Timely and accurate respiratory rate measurements with early, effective, and appropriate interventions can vastly improve patient outcomes.

In Pakistan, the prevalence of emphysema and chronic bronchitis (conditions commonly grouped as COPD) is estimated at 13.8% due to smoking and exposure to the burning of biomass fuel. An above-normal respiratory rate and/or heart rate is one of the indicators of the severity of a COPD exacerbation, requiring antibiotic therapy.

“I am delighted that Vitacam contactless measurements can now benefit underprivileged remote communities in Pakistan. Together with Sehat Kahani, our vision is that cloud computing and smartphones can reduce inequalities in healthcare provision”

Moyeen Ahmad, CEO of NE Device SW.

“With the addition of Vitacam, we are hopeful that patient diagnostics will be enhanced, and we also look forward to identifying and treating more and more respiratory ailments with ease.”

Dr Iffat Zafar Aga; Cofounder and COO Sehat Kahani

“As we are scaling up, diagnostic tools like Vitacam give Sehat Kahani physicians the desired results, improving patient outcomes.”

Dr Sara Saeed Khurram, Cofounder and CEO Sehat Kahani

NE Device SW Oy is a software company from Oulu, Finland. It specialises in software for imaging and medical devices. Its flagship product ‘Vitacam’ uses computer vision to obtain vital signs measurements. It supports nurses by automating the routine task of gathering observations. ‘Vitacam’ is a CE-marked medical device.

Sehat Kahani is a leading telemedicine company based out of Pakistan with a Network of 48 E-Health centres, a consumer application with over 1.4 million users and a corporate application being used in 590+ corporations which have successfully conducted over 1.8 million consultations over the years.

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