From the 27th to 29th of October NE Device SW will be participating in Kasvu Open Karnevaali, a digital conference geared towards growing startups. This marks the sixth event of its kind and at the same time the end of our company’s personal journey on the Kasvu Open Growth Path.

Our journey ended in the national top 60 this year, as the winners of Future Health and Wellbeing category. We’re grateful for this title, knowing the battle for it was fierce and competition commendable. The Growth Path allowed us to sit down with a vast variety of professionals and further envision how the future will look like for our product. We thank all participating parties for their insights and encouragement.

As for the event itself, our company leads Moyeen Ahmad and Miikka Kirveskoski will be participating on behalf of the Vitacam team. If you are interested in learning more about our product or simply looking for a chat, feel free to reach out! We are always looking to connect with people and institutions that are interested in our vision.