Recently, our CTO Miikka Kirveskoski gave an interview for Pohjanpiiri, the local publication of Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital district, discussing our co-creation process with Oulu University Hospital (OYS). You can now find the interview and related article here (turn to page 16)! 

According to Pohjanpiiri, there are over 80-90 healthtech companies operating in the Oulu region. These companies employ over 1700 people in IT & software development and manufacturing, as well as research. The importance of entrepreneurship like this cannot be understated, as it not only revitalizes the local economy, but also stimulates homegrown innovation. The Vitacam team as well has benefitted greatly off the opportunity to develop and test our innovation on a local level in cooperation with OYS. 

“[Together] we’ve been brainstorming ways to improve our product and how to better answer the everyday needs of healthcare workers. OYS TestLab has enabled us to further develop our solution using Hospital grade equipment, which provides us with valuable data for verification purposes.”  

Miikka Kirveskoski, Pohjanpiiri 5/2020

Keeping medical research and development in Northern Finland ensures a continuous flow of highly trained industry professionals in the region, vastly improving the quality of local healthcare. We’ll be following with excitement as the plans for Future Hospital OYS 2030, an extensive operational renewal programme, start to take shape and hope to continue our cooperation for a long time to come.