As our official inDemand journey has finally drawn to a close, check out our recently published “success story” on the official inDemand for Health website here (Oulu | Respiratory Rate Monitor). The collection includes stories of all recent inDemand projects from Murcia (Spain), Paris (France) and Oulu (Finland) in a concise PDF format. The story consists of a breakdown on what motivated us to create our product and what the impacts and observations of our development process have been so far. 

While our solution Vitacam was born from the inDemand for Health challenge back in early 2019, the project is far from slowing down now that the challenge is over. Our research and development plans are ever evolving – so check back for more future updates!

For any inquiries, please get in touch with Miikka Kirveskoski or Moyeen Ahmad (contact details here) – we’re always happy to tell more!